Blind woman hopes for immigration reform

Valentina Sandoval is disabled.

She is blind and completely depends on her husband.

He's the breadwinner in the family taking jobs in construction and in agriculture; she says he takes what jobs he can get.

I TMm afraid someday they will take him, Sandoval said.

Around 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States are hoping to become citizens.

I don TMt know if he TMs coming back or not| I even have told him I will go to work with you cause I don TMt know if immigration will take you because I don TMt know if he TMs coming back Sandoval said.

Organizers said they're happy Washington is finally moving forward but they want to make sure that the proposal that is put forward by a partisan group of 8 senators on comprehensive immigration reform is fair.

She said the waiting period for people would be 20 years.

They TMre going to be added to the long awaited lines, so what is that going to do? How many more years are people going to have to wait? So we think that they should allow more visas so that the lines move faster Executive Director of LUPE, Juanita Valdez-Cox said.

Valdez-Cox said the proposal is not an easy path and it TMs not something that happens right away.

People will be put on a probationary period for a number of years and then they will give them a green card.

If they continue to be good outstanding citizens then they will offer them a path to citizenship. Valentina is a United States citizen, her husband is one of the 11 million that is living here illegally.

Valentina hopes the waiting is not as long as it TMs being anticipated.