Bondsman to plead guilty in Limas corruption case

A Cameron County bondsman had pleaded guilty to his role in the Abel Limas cash for judicial favors case.

Francisco Cisneros appeared before U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville late Monday morning.

Cisneros pleaded guilty to his role in ongoing corruption case involving Limas, a former judge with the 404th State District Court.\

Sentencing for Cisneros is expected to take place on November 14th.

A federal grand jury indicted Cisneros back in June with conspiracy to extort under color of official right as well as aiding and abetting extortion under color of official right.

According to a plea agreement, Cisneros paid former 404th Limas $700 dollars a personal recognizance bond to an acquaintance back in January 2008.

The acquaintance was identified as Roberto Garcia, a Cameron County man who had been convicted in a 2003 cocaine case and got probation.

Garcia allegedly violated the terms of his probation and was supposed to go back to jail.

Cisneros admitted to charging Garcia $4,000 dollars to get Limas to give him a personal recognizance bond where he just needed a signature to get out of jail.

According to the plea agreement, middleman Jose Manuel Longoria allegedly negotiated the deal with Limas TM wife Genevieve.

Then-judge Limas went to a local daycare to pick up the money from Cisneros.

Cisneros is among seven publicly named suspects in the case.

Court records have linked an attorney in Austin and another in Brownsville to the case but they have not been publicly named or charged in the case.

Suspect Role Charged Guilty Plea Sentencing Abel Limas Judge March 29th March 31st October 3rd Jose Manuel Longoria Middleman March 30th N/A N/A Jose Santiago Solis Attorney April 29th* April 29th* October 12th Ray Roman Marchan Attorney June 21st N/A N/A Francisco Cisneros Bondsman June 21st August 8th November 14th Armando Pea Probationer June 21st July 19th October 24th Karina Pea Wife June 21st July 26th October 31st