Brownsville attorney sues district judge

Brownsville Attorney Veronica Farias has been in practice for over 20 years, she says since running for office for the 138th District Court Judge seat, people are no longer flocking to her door.

She blames one man for that - her former opponent and Current District Judge Arturo Nelson.

Farias claims as the election this past summer got heated, Nelson resorted to "digging up the dead" and brought to light cases from 2008 and 20011 that Farias was named in.

Those cases, Farias, adds were expunged.

"They are not just dismissed, they are obliterated, erased, nonexistent, Farias said. A court will find it never occurred because there was no merit."

Ferias claims Judge Nelson knowingly used information that had been expunged to move ahead in the polls and keep his seat as district judge.

Farias said he also published the information in local newspapers and sent flyers to hundreds of homes.

She is suing him for slander.

"I do plan to conduct some depositions and find out who worked with (Arturo Nelson) in disseminating this information, Farias said. And as far as (the information) being approved (before it TMs published), it has to be approved by the candidate."

Farias is suing for $3.3 million - $300,000 for personal damages and the $3 million because she claims Judge Nelson abused his position as a district judge.

"When a district judge violates that law he and of himself, to gain a personal advantage over somebody because of a political campaign, that's total disregard for the law that he and of himself is supposed to purport."

Farias said there is also a criminal case pending against Nelson regarding this matter.

Action 4 News has contacted Judge Nelson TMs office numerous times, but have yet to hear back.