Brownsville mayor's race heats up

The race for Brownsville mayor is heating up.

On the ballot is current Mayor Pat Ahumada, first timer Michael Garza, City Commissioner Edward Camarillo, Evaristo "Viro" Cardenas, and long-time lawyer and businessman Tony Martinez.

"Block walking and personal relationships I think that's what campaigns are all about," Martinez said.

Martinez invited Action 4 News on Sunday as he went door to door asking for votes.

"The most important message is that we care we care about the growth of Brownsville, we love Brownsville and we believe in Brownsville and we'd like for everyone to get involved in the election process," Martinez said.

Martinez and his team visited about 100 homes in the city and delivered push cards and door knob hangers that would detail his platform.

But Martinez wasn TMt the only one working hard this Sunday, his opponent Pat Ahumada was too.

That's how you get your message out, Ahumada said. It lets you bring awareness to your campaign and hopefully the voters will favor you by listening to your message."

Ahumada was out with his son putting up campaign signs throughout the city because he said he wants to continue serving the residents.

My message is very simple, Ahumada said. Doing what TMs right for Brownsville " I think I TMve been doing that for 25 years.

Martinez TMs platform includes passing a new ethics code within city government, improving drainage and streets, strengthen the city's budget and uniting the community.

"I think it's the most beautiful city in the Valley, Martinez said. I think it's got the most potential for growth, it's got historical significance, it's got every possible resource that one can have and it doesn TMt seem to be going anywhere. I think that we all recognize it if we look at the progress up and down the Valley."

With five candidates on the ballot, the race is sure to give the citizens of Brownsville more options.