Brownsville unanimously passes anti-Arizona resolution

Melissa Zamora File Photo

The Brownsville City Commission voted unanimously to join their voices with Austin, Seattle, San Francisco and other cities in condenming Arizona's stern anti-illegal immigrant law.

During their Tuesday evening meeting, the city commission voted unanimously to pass a resolution against Arizona's Senate Bill 1070.

The decision put Brownsville in the company of other cities such as Oakland, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington DC, which all have passed resolutions against the controversial law.

Brownsville is the first city in the Rio Grande Valley to pass a resolution against a measure condemning Senate Bill 1070.

City Commissioner Melissa Zamora told Action 4 News that the resolution was a form of protest and hopes that other Valley cities should join Brownsville.

"If more communities passed a similar resolution, we could send a resounding message," she said.

Zamora told Action 4 News that Senate Bill 1070 may concern another state, but border communities, like Brownsville, are ultimately affected.

"Its negative message places a damper on the binational relationship border communities respect and appreciate," she said.

The Washington Post reports that the Los Angeles and Seattle have gone further than resolutions.

The Post reported that the City of Los Angeles cut official travel to the Grand Canyon State while Seattle leaders are encouraging city departments to cut business ties with Arizona.