Call 4 Action: Voter removed from rolls

South Padre Island resident Janice Stewart said she was removed from voter rolls.

Thousands of people turned up at polling locations this year.

South Padre Island resident Janice Stewart waiting patiently in line to, only to learn surprising news.

"They looked under Janice Stewart, Janice Parrish and Janice Parrish steward but they said I wasn't there, Stewart said.

They told her she had been dropped from the voters registration rolls due to inactivity.

If a person doesn't vote in the last couple of elections or federal elections then there's a chance that the name might be dropped from the voters register list, said Cameron County Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz.

But that's something that didn't make any sense to Stewart.

"I know that I TMve voted every time my husband votes and he wasn't cancelled, she said.

Elections Administrator Ortiz said even though Stewart was not registered she could have still voted.

"These people if they want to vote they can be offered a provisional ballot, he said.

But Janice says on Tuesday that was not the case.

"In fact I even asked them so does that mean I can't have a ballot, I can't vote and she said yes that's exactly what that means you won't be allowed to vote. How many people did it happen to that were going to vote McCain and would it have made a difference, said Mrs. Stewart.

Ortiz says several factors can prevent someone from voting like not filling out a voter registration card when it's mailed to you, or turning it in late as well as not voting frequently. After four years of inactivity you are removed from the voter registration list.

Here are some tips to avoid future problems on election day. Experts urge all voters to properly fill out their voter registration cards mailed out every two years. This to ensure your information is current with the system.

If you are unsure about your registration status you can log onto the Texas Secretary of State website to check the voter registration page at: