Cameron County Sheriff's race already drawing interest for 2012

With only weeks to go until the November election, candidates in certain races are already looking ahead to 2012.

One race already drawing a lot of interest is the one for Cameron County Sheriff, which is currently occupied by a longtime incumbent.

"I am just a humble servant and I love what I do, I love my job, Sheriff Omar Lucio said.

That TMs why he is not planning to step down.

After three terms or nearly 10 years as the head of the Cameron County Sheriff's Department, Lucio sais he still has big plans to make the county safer and reduce crime.

"I feel that I stand on my record, Lucio said. We've brought down a lot of the crime, for example homicides - I think this year we may have had one maybe two at the most. Some of the burglaries have gone down and some of the thefts have gone down.

Sheriff Lucio said some of his proudest accomplishments include:

  • - Securing grant money to hire 19 new deputies
  • - Set-up a command center in Harlingen
  • - Purchase a crime scene unit lab that's available to surrounding law enforcement agencies
  • - Partnering with federal agencies to secure the border and prevent spill over violence

The money also helped purchase three sniffer dogs and there's more on the way.

"As a matter of fact we just purchased another dog which is a fourth one, that is going to be trained specifically to sniff out weapons, guns, money, and drugs for south bound traffic and we are going to set it up at the bridge," Lucio said.

Sheriff Lucio said now more than ever, he feels he has the public TMs support to win his fourth term as sheriff.

"People come to my office on a regular basis because they ask me to run again, Lucio said. I run into people out on the county and they are happier here, they want me to run, they encourage me to run more than ever before."

As far as the possibility of Chief Deputy Gus Reyna running against him for the post, Lucio said it will not happen.

He said he and Reyna, his "right hand man," will continue to work as a team to lead the battle against crime in Cameron County.

Lucio said he is the most qualified to continue as head of the Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department because he has 49 years of experience in law enforcement.