Cheating on test to get a job with Cameron County?

Cameron County officials aren't calling it a formal investigation yet, but they are looking into allegations that County Commissioner Ernie Hernandez's brother-in-law, cheated his way into a county job.

County Judge Carlos Cascos said all potential county employees are required to take a civil service exam, depending on the position they are applying for.

Cascos said the commissioner's relative applied for a job as a security officer at the Veteran's International Bridge in Brownsville, but apparently could not pass the test.

"The individual took the civil service exam twice, failed it twice, and then on the third time, someone else took it for him," Cascos said.

The county judge said all the details are still unclear at this point.

But Cascos said there is some evidence that shows someone in the human resources department was possibly asked or even forced to take the third test for the commissioner's relative.

However, Casco said it's not suspected Hernandez played a role in the case.

"He's someone who (Commissioner Hernandez) has indicated he does not have a close relationship with, Cascos said. He's told me that he wasn't aware that his brother-in-law was applying for this position."

Cascos is disappointed with the negative impact this case has on the county and is also upset that it may have cost a qualified individual a good job.

"When someone allegedly passes this exam through cheating or lying, and they get hired, it basically took someone TMs position away that did pass the exam legitimately (and) was qualified, Cascos said. So we're going to take whatever measures need to be taken so this does not happen again. This is unfortunate " it TMs something that's disturbing to me."