Civil rights advocates set up "border reality" checkpoints

Civil rights advocates took to the streets to inform immigrants about their rights when crossing U.S. checkpoints.

As more Border Patrol agents surge their way into the Rio Grande Valley, advocates are trying to arm border resident with information on their rights when stopped by agents.

Volunteers were handing out pocket size pamphlets, which say know your rights at the border."

The American Civilities Liberty Union (ACLU) and the RGV Equal Voice Network volunteers stopped border residents at a "border reality checkpoint at a port of entry in Brownsville.

The pamphlets handed out explained what rights border residents have when encountering border patrol agents or Customs and Border Protection officers. The action comes as some valley residents have reported have their power and even subjecting some to unjustified detention.

Astrid Dominguez said, "sometimes these agents are making very intrusive questions intrusive searches and so these are the types of things that we want to know and that must stop."

Civil rights groups are calling on the government to put an end to excessive force and abuse of power by federal agents.

Advocates in California and Arizona also spent the morning creating similar reality checkpoints to raise awareness on civil rights. The ACLU and RGV equal voice network encourages RGV residents to speak about abuses and demand reform.