Community group swamped with calls, visits on deferred deportation plan

The phone calls trickled in non-stop Monday morning at the San Juan offices for La Union del Pueplo Entero, L.U.P.E.

Most of the calls dealt with President Barack Obama's plan to allow some younger immigrants, known as DREAMers, to remain in the country, legally, and apply for work permits.

"Since Friday afternoon, after the news at 5 o TMclock, our phone was ringing off the wall, Marta Sanchez, the director for L.U.P.E. said. And this morning when we came in there was already a big line outside, waiting for us to open the office."

An estimated 800,000 DREAMers could benefit nationwide.

But they must meet a set of guidelines outlined by President Obama on Friday.

Sanchez said the number in the Valley could reach thousands, but that it is hard to track an exact number.

Still, the processes will not the same for everyone.

"All these questions, it has to be addressed, like the president said, in a case to case basis because there is no general answer for everybody," she said.

Sanchez added that information is scarce so far.

The application process will take about two months to develop and distribute.

In the meantime, L.U.P.E. has a warning for valley families.

"No matter where you go right now, what they tell you, there is no application available, Sanchez warned. So you can TMt really do nothing, don TMt pay for any application right now that is not available."

Sanchez said their concern at the moment is that lawyers and notarios will take advantage of the moment and hope many Valley youth now have.

L.U.P.E. said they suggest anyone looking for information to contact non-profit groups like theirs.

Because of the high number of calls and visits, they have scheduled an orientation Thursdsay at 7pm at their San Juan offices, located on Cesar Chavez and Business 83.