Controversial Organ Donor bill up for review today in Austin

A proposed bill is scheduled for review Tuesday in Austin by the Texas House Committee on Public Health, and it's raising concerns among prosecutors.

If passed, a section of House Bill 2027 would allow a pathologist to remove organs from an organ donor who was murdered or died a questionable death.

Also, while present at the hospital, the medical examiner could choose to withhold an organ, so long as he provides written reasons for the denial.

One Rio Grande Valley district attorney said he sees to many problems with the bill.

"If you put on your license that you're an organ donor and somebody has taken your life one way or another and you die naturally, that says that you can be rushed to the hospital and be harvested," explained Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra. "But, later on, wait a second! Woops, she was poisoned to death."

State Representative Veronica Gonzales, from McAllen, is one of the lawmakers that will review the proposed legislation.