Debt ceiling showdown continues

From both sides, a House Republican plan to solve the debt crisis is coming under fire. It's being rejected by tea party activists. And Senate Democrats say it won't get a single Democratic vote there.

But House Republicans appear to be increasing their support for the plan from Speaker John Boehner (BAY'-nur), which would cut $1 trillion in federal spending.

Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers said "we're moving in his direction in a big way today" as he left a closed-door House meeting.

Boehner is reworking the measure after congressional analysts said it would cut spending by less than he had originally hoped.

Democrats are likely to oppose Boehner's plan since it wouldn't lift the borrowing cap enough to avoid another vote before next year's elections.

The Ohio Republican can only afford about two dozen GOP defections on Thursday's vote.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won't say when he plans to bring his own bill up for a vote, saying he is going to wait to see what the House does. Reid called Boehner's plan "a big wet kiss for the right wing."

Congress is at a stalemate over how to resolve the debt crisis, with House Republicans and Senate Democrats promoting rival plans as a Tuesday deadline approaches for avoiding a government default.

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