Delta Area Turmoil: Edcouch Searches For New City Manager

Tuesday's Edcouch City Council meeting turned out to be anything but sleepy.

On the agenda, whether the council should start the search for a new city manager?

"I took this job maybe three months ago, said Edcouch City Manager Mike Mesa. And I was approached to help them while they bought time to find a permanent city manager.

Mesa says he knew it would be an interim position but he hoped he'd be allowed to stay on to serve the city.

City managers serve at the discretion of the City Council and tonight most of them agreed on posting the position as available.

"I have the option of applying if I want to, said Mesa. But I don't think I will.

Not everyone agreed with letting Mesa go.

Just a year ago Mesa was let go as Elsa's city manager.

That city has also been marred by scandal.

At the start of November, they once again terminated the city manager, after only six months on the job.

Concerned citizens took advantage of an open forum Tuesday night to voice their displeasure with Elsa City Commissioners allegedly hiring family members for political positions.

"Commissioners Eli Rodriguez made the recommendation to hire his sister, said Jorge Pea.

As a concerned citizen, I want to bring this issue up to the public and the commissioners, to make them aware. Especially Mr. Eli Rodriguez the commissioner who is obviously in violation of nepotism.

The nepotism rule prohibits a family member from being appointed to a city position and applies to relatives within the first and second degree.

The Elsa City Council did not address Jorge's allegations.