Democrats to vote on legalized gambling

They draw hundreds of people each day, but after the upcoming primary vote on May 29, gambling along many of Cameron County TMs 8-liners could be one step closer to becoming legal.

"The hope is that legislature looks to alternative revenue sources to be able to adequately fund the school system," said Gilberto Hinojosa, the chair for the Cameron County Democratic Party.

That is the intent behind Proposition 3, a non-binding initiative on the Democratic ballot to legalize, and tax, gambling.

But this proposition will likely face tough resistance, not just in the Valley but from voters statewide.

"I would be against it," Celia Aguilar said. How many kids, or adults, or youth would lose themselves to gambling?

Legalizing it, and what it would mean for the 8-liners in the Valley, is also a big concern for law enforcement groups.

"We're seeing lately more and more armed robberies, and these people don't want to report it," Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said.

He adds that it is ultimately up to voters, but any legalization should also come with additional resources for local law enforcement.

"We don TMt have enough personnel to be checking on that as often as we'd like to," he concluded.

Hinojosa said they are not advocating gambling, but are hoping to find alternative ways to raise money to close a state budget deficit.

"This is just one alternative that is being thrown out there," he added.

If approved, the Democratic Party will then send the proposition to the Texas Legislature for consideration.

The lawmakers would then decide whether to put in on a statewide ballot for voters to choose for or against legalizing gambling.