District Attorney Rene Guerra disappointed to hear sheriff TMs resigning

DA Rene Guerra

Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra was visibly upset and even called Friday, a sad day, following Sheriff Trevino TMs resignation announcement.

Guerra said he's not surprised Trevino stayed in office this long, after the Panama Unit scandal broke, and he stands by his innocence.

Trevino has carried on with his duties, Guerra said, whether it was responding to crime scenes or answering tough questions by the media, despite his son's federal indictment.

He adds Trevino has not been indicted or convicted on anything, yet the community is ready to crucify him.

Guerra believes Sheriff Trevino has no involvement in the Panama Unit and adds there is no evidence to indicate otherwise.

Whether or not Trevino is indicted, Guerra said he will not launch an investigation.

"I firmly believe there is nothing that we can cover in my remaining 8 to 9 months (or) in the future, that would be productive, Guerra said. I mean everybody is entitled to conduct investigations - those that have authority, those that have a badge, state and federal. Those that want to investigate in the future, can have at it. All I can tell you, is they are going to be wasting valuable time and resources."

Guerra adds whoever replaces Trevino won't have the intelligence or experience that he brought to the table.

Trevino stepping down is the collateral damage to the county, Guerra said.

Before running for sheriff, Trevino worked with Guerra at the Hidalgo County District Attorney TMs office for about 15 years.