Former bailiff pleads guilty in Abel Limas corruption scandal

A former South Texas district attorney's investigator faces up to 20 years in prison in an extortion probe involving a disgraced ex-judge.

Prosecutors in Brownsville say Jaime Munivez of San Benito pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts of interference with commerce under color of official right. A federal judge will sentence Munivez on March 19.

Munivez formerly was a bailiff for state District Judge Abel C. Limas, who failed in his 2008 re-election bid. Limas in March pleaded guilty to racketeering.

Investigators say Munivez provided fake legal documents to a Limas associate, Jose Manuel Longoria. Longoria last month pleaded guilty to extortion, wire fraud and conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine.

Limas and Longoria will be sentenced Feb. 27.

Eight people have pleaded guilty in the Limas investigation.

Suspect Role Charged Guilty Plea Sentencing Abel Limas Judge March 29th March 31st January 27th Jose Manuel Longoria Middleman March 30th November 21st February 27th Jose Santiago Solis Attorney April 29th April 29th January 27th Ray Roman Marchan Attorney June 21st N/A N/A Francisco Cisneros Bondsman June 21st August 8th February 14th Armando Pea Probationer June 21st July 19th October 24th Karina Pea Wife June 21st July 26th January 24th Jaime Munivez DA Investigator July 19th December 13th February 27th Joe Valle Attorney August 10th August 10th February 14th Marc Rosenthal Attorney August 16th N/A N/A