Former city attorney says she was viewed as 'damaged goods'


The City of Harlingen has been tight-lipped about the resignation of former City Attorney Roxann Cotroneo.

Her resignation letter is public record, according to attorney general rules.

Roxann Cotroneo's last day as city attorney was on May 24.

She hasn't spoken out publically about why she resigned, but in her letter she alleges at one point she was viewed as damaged goods.

In the letter turned in on April 24 and addressed to the city commission and city manager, Cotroneo explains some of her accomplishments since taking the city manager job in 2009 .

Those include creating a fast and legal way to demolish over 200 unsafe homes and structures, implementing youth community court that's helped out over 800 youth and implementing a plan to recover over $1 million in outstanding warrants.

Although deleted from the letter before released as public record, it was no secret amongst community members that Cotroneo was battling breast cancer.

In the letter she said it was a personal set back, but she was looking to get back to work after she took time off for treatment.

She goes on to say in the letter instead of being welcomed back, it was a painful experience since she was continuously excluded from meetings and it became almost impossible to do her job.

In closing her resignation letter, Cotroneo goes on to say that many of her fellow employees did show her the support she needed during her battle with breast cancer and it was the top officials who she did not get that support from.