Former city commissioner Kori Marra speaks out

Fresh out of a one day stint in jail, Harlingen businesswoman Kori Marra is speaking out to Action 4 News.

She faces even more time behind bars and lost her city commissioner seat.

She maintains that she did nothing to warrant a conviction and blames politics on what's happened to her.

"The way this entire thing played out was that I was somehow Cruella De Vil and that I was going to go into a commission meeting, and I was going to turn things and make money. That is not the truth, that is not what happened."

Kori Marra was found guilty of failing to file a conflict of interest affidavit during a city commission meeting where downtown affairs were being discussed and possibly voted on.

Marra says she didn't vote and made it verbally clear that she owns a business downtown, plus she claims there was only a presentation going on that fateful night.

She chose not to take the stand during her trial but has a lot to say now.

"I'm sorry but in America, as far as I am concerned, I have a voice and if you don't like it then you vote that person out of office. Don't go after them and personally attack and try to figure out a way to get them out of office and drag their name through the mud, their business their children. That's what the city has done."

City charter requires Marra to forfeit her seat immediately and she says they can have it.

"These commissioners, this is the biggest and best they are ever going to be. You have to understand the small-mindedness of some people and the greed that comes from sitting in that chair, that's not me."

Marra will continue with her real estate business, but won't forget the people she believes deliberately set her up to be thrown off the board.

"I know that Roxanne Cotroneo, the city attorney, cannot wait for me to be out of that seat and Commissioner Jerry Perpechjal is ready for the seat to be vacant. That is sad for the city of Harlingen.

There are a lot of people from Harlingen all the way to Brownsville that I feel are involved in all of this and I'm very disappointed."

A judge has sentenced her to 30 days in jail.

"30 days in jail means 3 for 1, so I'll have to spend 10 days in jail, and no I'm not looking forward to sleeping on mattresses, but I can do it."

Marra may not be a city commissioner any longer, but she says she isn't going anywhere.

"The Commissioner Kori Marra,that's not me. I'm Kori Marra, the mom, the business owner, the person who loves downtown and I had the greatest intentions no matter what, I'm not here to steal from anyone."