Former La Joya municipal judge get 60 days in jail

Judge Joe Henry Garza / File Photo

A former La Joya municipal judge is headed to jail this Friday.

A Hidalgo County jury convicted former Judge Joe Henry Garza in a felony theft trial this morning.

Garza is now convicted of using city money to pay personal debts.

Judge Rose Guerra Reyna with the 206th State District Court sentenced garza to 60 days in the county jail.

Garza also received 10 years probation, 350 hours of community service, a $2,000 dollar fine and must pay $9,000 dollars in restitution.

The former La Joya municipal judge must report to the Hidalgo County Jail on Friday.

Action 4 News first exposed wrongdoing by Garza in November 2008 story where he reportedly had a woman arrested under false pretenses.