Former Willacy County DA sues 180 eight-liner casinos

Former Willacy County District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra has filed a lawsuit against more than 180 people who have alleged connections to 8-liner gaming arcades in both Cameron and Willacy counties.

Guerra's concern is that apparently no one is supervising these 8-liners and his clients are being ripped off.

Although the lawsuit is protecting the plaintiffs identity, only calling them "John Doe" and "Jane Doe" Guerra said they consists mainly of elderly people who fear they may be targeted if their names are revealed.

The lawsuit states that the machines were rigged to avoid any regular payoffs and accuses them of possible racketeering.

He also states they TMre in violation of gambling, theft, bribery, fraud, and in some cases money laundering.

It TMs almost like Vegas, literally, they're paying cash left and right and now its spreading to convenient stores|you can find them in convince stores so we know for a fact their illegal," said Guerra.

Click here to download a complete PDF copy of Guerra's lawsuit