GLBT leaders push for gay marriage in Tamaulipas

Oscar Medina-Montelongo

A group of gay and lesbian activists are pushing for a gay marriage bill just south of the border from the Rio Grande Valley.

Gay marriage was just approved in Mexico City earlier this week.

Action 4 News media partner Hora Cero is reporting that GLBT leaders in Tamaulipas are now using it as a momentum to push for the same in their state.

Oscar Medina-Montelongo told Hora Cero that he and other activists are asking state lawmakers in Ciudad Victoria to approve the measure during their upcoming session.

Catholic Bishop Antonio Gonzalez-Sanchez from Ciudad Victoria has already spoken out publicly against gay marriage in the conservative Party of Revolutionary Independence or PRI-dominated state.

But Medina-Montelongo told Hora Cero that he and more than 100 people who want to get married are not asking for religious ceremonies.

We are going to fight for them to make these unions in Tamaulipas, he told Hora Cero. They need to stop demonizing it because they are not weddings, they are contracts where you can live and have the same rights like any other person.

Medina-Montelongo told Hora Cero said he and his partner have been together for 19 years.

They want to be the first coupled married under any new law approved in Tamaulipas.

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