Group of women encouraging the public, one voter at a time

A group of women have been going out to inform the public about the upcoming elections.

With the primaries around the corner and early voting just days away, one local group has been hitting the streets to do their best to get the word out and bring people to the polls.

These shoes are made for walking, and that's just what these women will do to inform a community.

"We live in a community who is often greatly underrepresented, said group member Yvette Salinas. We are trying to represent ourselves. If we don't do it, no one is going to do it for us." According to the Advocacy Alliance Center of Texas, six out of 10 Texans vote, but here in the Rio Grande Valley, just two out of 10 show up to the polls. For weeks members of LUPE, a local organization here in the valley, have been planning for the big day.

They have trained and gathered information on each and every candidate so when they start going door-to-door, they are armed with knowledge and are able to answer any question that might come their way.

"It's hard work but it's really important work, said Salinas. We're doing it because it is important. It's important to get out and vote." Patrice Delgado said collectively many of the residents they meet want to vote but they just don't know how. She said many times that's what stops them from participating come election day.

"Sometimes people feel embarrassed, said Delgado. It's ok. Just ask questions. If you get informed then you can go out and do it." Armed with pink bags, voter registration cards, a map and list of qualifying voters, this group of women came together these women set off---in hopes of making a difference. City and school board elections are Saturday May 12th.

The primaries are May 29.

Early voting for the primaries runs from May 14 through May 25.