Harlingen City Manager Reacts to Scandal Following Chief's 'Resignation'

The police chief position has been posted on the City of Harlingen TMs website.

One outside applicant has already applied to be Harlingen TMs top cop, according to an employee from human resources at the city.

Originally slated for a 6 week search to replace Chief Danny Castillo, the job may need to be filled sooner.

This after Castillo slammed City Manager Carlos Yerena and unnamed commissioners in a letter he purportedly wrote to the paper about his forced resignation.

One city commissioner is calling for the chief to be fired.

"Making unfounded allegations against commissioners in a retaliatory position... I think he should not be given 6 weeks and I think he should be terminated immediately," City Commissioner Robert Leftwich said in response the chief TMs words.

In his first interview since the scathing letter, the city manager is speaking out.

Ryan: "Are you considering terminating the chief?

Carlos: That's a personnel matter... I think at this point we have a resignation by the chief and we're acting on that."

The city manager is called out by the chief for actions that "undermines" his public credibility and for "lies" which have ultimately caused detrimental effects on public safety and department morale.

Yerena is aware of the comments but called them baseless.

Ryan: "Do you agree with the chief TMs statement?

Carlos: I strongly disagree with that statement... I'm not sure where he's coming from but at this point I would go back to the fact that this is a resignation and my full efforts are working towards getting a replacement on board." A push to support the chief is circulating on social networks like Facebook online. Mayor Chris Boswell talked about the backlash against the city manager. That was the decision the city manager made so he'll need to support the decision," the mayor said.

Yerena said the department will move forward.