Healthcare website ~navigators TM getting bad rap

Navigator program

Navigating through has become harder than an obstacle course for some, especially those who are first time insurance shoppers. Rachel Udow with the MHPSalud wears many hats at the office including that of navigator, a position set up by the federal government to help insurance seekers do just that, navigate the website. A recent concern from the Texas Attorney General's office indicates that Obamacare navigators have access to sensitive and personal information and recommends that federal privacy rules be enhanced to protect consumers. Rachel said the training has been done and there have not been problems in the valley dealing with how the personal information is collected and stored. "We only keep their name and phone number on file." Another concern from the AG's office is that navigators are not required to have criminal background checks, but Rachel says Texas prohibits an individual convicted of a felony or criminal offense from serving as a navigator. Navigators cannot tell people what plan to pick, but they can walk people through what might work best based on their family circumstances and health, but Rachel said there is a large gap of coverage for many people in the valley.