Hidalgo County DA's race isn't pretty

To say the race for Hidalgo County District Attorney is a heated one, is an absolute understatement.

And don't let the candidates fool you.

They're ready for battle.

Incumbent DA Rene Guerra says his opponent just doesn't have the experience to take over the seat his held for eight terms.

"He doesn't have more experience than me. I've been assistant DA and District Attorney for 31 years."

But former district judge, challenger Ricardo Rodriguez isn't backing down.

"My years as a district judge and attorney give me more experience as a district attorney than him. When he started he had no experience so we all have to start somewhere," said Rodriguez.

They've butted heads already at several debates across the county and are preparing for Action 4's on February 18th.

There is one thing they both agree needs to happen.

"We need more chemists so we can get test results back sooner and stop from stockpiling," said Guerra.

"We have to find a way to get them into court sooner," said Rodriguez.

The push continues to get the vote out but the sitting district attorney isn't extremely concerned.

"I'm confident I will be re-elected. If I'm not, it would be a travesty for this office," said Guerra.