Hidalgo County District Attorney race heats up

It TMs a highly contested race for Hidalgo County District Attorney.

Three Democratic candidates are vying for the coveted position this year.

Rene Guerra is the current district attorney and has held this position for 27 years.

Criminal Defense Attorney Alma Garza ran against him in 2006 and gave him a run for his money, and she said she TMs more than ready to win this time around.

I wanted to run again because now that I know more people, I think I have a better chance of winning, and I think that I TMm going to win, said Garza.

Former State District Judge Fidencio Guerra, Jr. is Guerra TMs other opponent.

He said because of limited resources, he doesn TMt have television ads running non-stop like the other candidates, but even so, he thinks he has a good chance of winning.

I believe I do have a chance, he said. I believe there is a silent majority out there that are tired with the system.

Both Fidencio and Garza accuse Guerra of letting political alliances and friendships get in the way of deciding fairly which cases get prosecuted.

Guerra said his opponents have no proof.

It TMs easy to second guess the decisions when you don TMt know all the facts, said Guerra.

But Garza and Fidencio stand by their words.

They (the public) want new breath. They want something new. They want new leadership, said Fidencio.

I think we need a change, said Garza. Any change would be a positive change at this point.

Guerra TMs response to his opponents is to be careful what you wish for.

Change for the sake of change|you better be careful what you ask for because what you get may be worse than what you had before, said Guerra.

In the end, the ones with the last say will be voters come March 2.