Hidalgo County District Attorney Race

Hidalgo County District Attorney, Rene Guerra, has some competition for next year TMs election.

Now two candidates are in the race for Hidalgo County District Attorney. Alma Garza ran in 2006 and was unsuccessful in superseding current D.A. Rene Guerra. But, with her experience working at the D.A.'s office, Garza now manages her own practice. Guerra has been the Hidalgo County District Attorney for the 28 years and by his accounts, he has the experience the Valley needs. Garza told Action 4 News she is ready for the challenge and energetic about the overwhelming support.

People are calling me and volunteering to do work on my campaign. I feel very strongly that I am going to win this election," Garza said.

Garza added Hidalgo County is growing fast and wants to help make sure things are done right.

"I think that I can give something back to community. I believe something positive will come out of this," said Garza.

She also claimed that there are a lot of changes to be made.

However, Guerra disputed that by saying there aren't very many changes you can make when prosecuting criminals.

He added those thoughts by his opponent worry him.

"I am afraid that if somebody wants to come in and make changes, the county is going to suffer by losing those people that have been in place for many years," said Guerra.

Even though Garza talked about all these changes, Guerra said he doesn't feel like she could offer a better plan for prosecution.

The election for Hidalgo County District Attorney won TMt be for another year, but for now it seems things are just beginning to heat-up.