Immigration Reform: Legalization or Citizenship?

Obama is expected to discuss immigration reform in Tuesday's State of the Union

With new technology being used to beef up our borders, Republicans in the House of Representatives are planning to announce their plan on immigration reform later this week.

Action 4 News got getting both sides to sound off on one of the most debated topics in the political arena-immigration reform.

Many, like Congressman Henry Cuellar, are anxiously waiting as GOP leaders in the House of Representatives are planning to unveil a new plan on how to tackle the issue of immigration.

"I TMm hoping that the more moderate Republicans will support immigration reform. The only way we can do immigration reform is got to be bi-partisan just like how President Reagan and the Democrats did in 1986," explained Congressman Cuellar.

While he may have faith in a possible compromise, Hidalgo County Republican Precinct Chair and Tea Party President, Jim Barnes, is a bit more skeptical.

"The Republican Party leaders in the House I'm sure is going to have a pathway to citizenship, but I'm not sure that TMs going to work," said Barnes.

Some republicans aren't completely sold on the immigration. The biggest issue on the table is whether or not the reform should include both legalization and a pathway to citizenship.

"They have broken the law. In any other country in the world, if you just snuck into the country, you are considered a felon," said Barnes.

Barnes doesn TMt want to see mass deportation because he believes it will not solve the problem; however, he would like to see something done to combat the problem.

A solution that all can agree on|still does not exist. For now, Democrats are pushing for legalization.

"The Democrats have been pushing for a pathway to citizenship-it TMs not going to be possible. So one the proposals I brought up a month ago, and some of the Republicans support also, is legalization-people can stay here, work, and travel without the fear of deportation.

President Obama is expected to bring up the issue immigration reform during his State of the Union address Tuesday evening.