Independence Day celebrations cancelled in nine Tamaulipas cities

The bicentennial anniversary for Mexico's September 16th Independence Day is approaching but nine Tamaulipas cities have reportedly cancelled festivities amid mounting violence south of the border.

The "Diez y Seis de Septiembre" commmemorates when Mexico declared independence from Spain back in 1810.

Each year at midnight on September 15th, leaders reenact the "Grito" or "Shout of Independence" in the plaza each city or town.

But this year, El Grito will not be heard in nine Tamaulipas cities:

San Fernando Ciudad Mier Miguel Aleman Camargo Diaz Ordaz Hidalgo Abasolo Guerrero Villa de Casas

Officials in those cities reportedly cancelled Independence Day celebrations out of concerns for public safety.

Each of the nine cities have been witnesses to mounting violence between drug trafficking rivals as well as shootouts between authorities and drug cartel members.

San Fernando has been the scene of several shootouts as well as the place where authorities found the bodies of 72 slain immigrants.

The mayor of Hidalgo, Tamaulipas was killed last month.

Mexican media outlets such as En Linea Directa reported that authorities are urging extreme caution while attending celebrations in 12 Tamaulipas cities:

Reynosa Matamoros Rio Bravo Tampico Mante Madero Gonzalez Padilla Guemez Villagrana Mainero Jimenez

Matamoros officials told KGBT-TV's Spanish-language newscast that the city cancelled its Diez y Seis de Septiembre parade but will still hold a celebration in the city's square.

Reynosa officials said they are planning to hold their regular Independence Day festivities.

Valle Hermoso was not on the list but has been the scene of recent violence. Officials there are planning to hold their regular Independence Day festivities.

According to Mexico's Bicentennial Celebration website, there are Independence Day celebrations in all 43 municipalty districts in Tamaulipas.

The biggest celebrations are planned in the Tamaulipas capital of Ciudad Victoria where a large number of events are planned.

The website does not mention cancelled festitivies in the nine cities.