Keep Danny Castillo grassroots effort

Harlingen citizens have launched a grass roots effort aimed at keeping Harlingen Police Chief Danny Castillo as top cop.

"We're willing to stand up and say who we are", said Castillo supporter David Argabright.

Argabright tells Action 4 News, Castillo has done a good job and he wants him to continue to stay in office.

"Danny Castillo has helped the city in public safety, and what we're living in is a time where with all the cross border violence and the drug and gang activity where to lose the momentum that we've got for what seems to be simply the politics of payback and retribution seems to me something we can't stand still for", said Argabright.

In fact on the webpage viewers will find a petition that can be printed and handed out to supporters to sign and turn in.

"The primary goal of this petition is to have Danny Castillo remain as chief of police", said Argabright.

The site also asks citizens to attend a Wednesday night Harlingen city commission meeting to show support for the chief.

It was last Monday Castillo resigned from his job amid controversy.

He stated to a local newspaper he was being forced out for political reasons.

Allegations the Harlingen city manager denied.

But in the end, those like Argabright say politics need to be put aside and the people need to speak up.

"It's time for Harlingen to step up and say we're not going to do this anymore we're not just going to sit by and watch", said Argabright.

A facebook page has also been launched.

At least one commissioner has been very vocal about his stance on getting rid of Castillo.

Action 4 News will bring you live coverage at Wednesday night TMs City Commission meeting.