Los Fresnos CISD bus drivers want better work conditions

The Los Fresnos CISD prides themselves on being a united community but these days, the only ones uniting are their bus drivers.

On Wednesday morning, dozens of Los Fresnos Bus Drivers gathered to sign a petition and take legal action against the Los Fresnos school district.

Our supervisor has been disrespectful to either individuals or groups," said Robert Contreras a LFCISD Bus Driver.

These drivers enlisted the help of Yolanda Gonzalez with the Texas State Teachers Association.

They TMve been subject to inadequate working conditions, hostile working environment and unsafe working conditions as well," explained Gonzalez.

What TMs worse bus drivers also allege conditions in their buses are dangerous for students.

Employees contend buses are unsafe and they are being forced to drive because otherwise if they don't drive, they are being told to clock out and go home," said Gonzalez.

Action 4 talked to school administrators at Los Fresnos CISD.

Dr. Birdie Rodriguez, excutive Director of Support Services for LFCISD told us, No mam we TMre not permitted to use a bus that has not passed the state inspection..

A statement, Contreras doesn TMt agree with, telling us, I mean, if you're driving down the street and you don't know how fast it is because the speedometer is not working, don't you think that TMs a little risky?"

Contreras wasn TMt the only one who felt this way.

Action 4 received pictures, from fellow bus drivers, of what appear to be LFCISD school buses.

The pictures show the buses in a state of oxidation and apparently still in service.

Rodriguez defended, Our buses are safe...Your children our safe."

The school district dismisses the supposed allegations and said they had no idea employees in the bus department felt this way.

That they would come in this fashion was a surprise...That they would involve the media without having come to us first to try and resolve these issues," said Rodriguez.

In the end, both parties hope to have this issue resolve without affecting the children.

The bus drivers told us although they showed their dissatisfaction to our cameras, the one thing they will not do is go on strike.