Luna TMs mother speaks out about Dream Act allegations

The mother of Joaquin Luna is speaking out tonight for the first time since allegations surfaced that he did not kill himself over his immigration status.The pain in Santa Mendoza TMs heart is still very recent, but she tells us she TMs ready to speak out about those allegations.It's a story that captured national attention.

In an emotional interview Joaquin's mother Santa Mendoza Lerma said Luna was her everything.

"It's just so sad," she said.

His family said he was a good student eager to become a civil engineer, but the day after thanksgiving he shot himself and leaving family members wondering why.

"We're just such a tight knit family," said Mendoza.

After remembering conversations they had with him about the Dream Act, they believed that could be the only thing that would lead him to his death.

"He had spoke to me about the dream act, and I noticed him sad whenever we spoke about his future," said Mendoza.

Shortly after Action 4 News ran this story, we reported what sources close to the case revealed: there's no proof that Luna shot himself because of the Dream Act.

But after the family received copies of the suicide letters left behind by Joaquin, his family still believes the disappointment of being undocumented and having no future after graduation lead him to kill himself.

"He left us to go with God and build his temple, said Mendoza. He's living his dream there.

One line in Joaquin TMs letter reads: Jesus, I TMve realized that I have no chance in becoming a Civil Engineer the way I TMve always dreamed of here|.so I TMm planning on going to you and helping you construct the new temple in heaven.

Luna's mother said she hopes other undocumented students learn from Luna's mistakes.

"Keep on going and don't give up because it's so painful to lose a child, said Mendoza.

She said anything is possible and although it's too late for Luna now, she said she hopes others keep on going until they accomplish their dreams.Joaquin still doesn TMt have a tombstone on his grave.His family is struggling to come up with the funds to donate.You can head to any Capital One and donate in the name of Joaquin Luna, Jr.