McAllen postal workers rally against proposed shutdown

Postal Workers took the streets in McAllen to protest the proposed closure of the McAllen Mail Processing Facility.

More than 100 jobs are on the line, affecting service across the Rio Grande Valley.

The protestors said if the jobs head north to Corpus Christi---the Valley's economy will be gravely impacted.

In all the closing the of the center would leave the Valley without 140 jobs.

U.S. postal workers from McAllen said good paying jobs are hard to come by and they don't want to lose the much needed jobs.

A study by the u-s postal officer calls for shutting down offices across the nation...

The USPS said it has lost more than $5 billion in the past year and expects losses to accelerate in the coming year, because of emails and other forms of electronic communication.

There will be town hall meeting to discuss the proposed closure on December 1.

The community is invited to attend, it will take place on the third floor of the McAllen City Hall from 7 to 9 p-m.