McAllen TEA Party Protest

Protesters from across the Nation gathered in front of Representative and Senators offices Friday to show their opposition to government involvement in Health Care.

Valley residents were no exception.

Signs waving and horns honking were all signs that people want one thing.

We TMre out here to make our point a little louder and heard a little more clearly, said President of the McAllen Tea Party, Glen Hagenbach. We oppose the direction this government is going in.

Members of the McAllen Tea Party protested in front of Representative Hinijosa TMs office demanding that government listen to what they have to say.

So many phone calls and E-mails have gone to our elected officials and they TMve been ignored, said Hagenbach.

According to an article in the New Yorker, McAllen has one of the most expensive healthcare markets in the country.

Miami is the only city to spend more on its people, but they also have a higher labor and living costs.

"If we don't let our voice be heard then we're just standing still and letting them take control," said Donna resident, Jo Hampton.

Protesters said they will continue to speak out until their voices are heard.