Meeting held to express concern over Danny Castillo

It was a packed house inside the Harlingen City Commission Chamber on Wednesday night.

The crowd was so large some citizens had to stand outside the room.

Citizens gathered to express their concerns over Harlingen Police Chief Danny Castillo.

It was last Monday Castillo resigned from office amid controversy.

Some citizens had questions, "Why are you getting rid of Chief Danny Castillo, remember you are working for us, we don't work for you", said one Harlingen citizen to City Commissioner's.

Other citizens expressed their concerns and disappointments with the way the police department has been operating.

One gentleman told City Commissioners, "I have trouble getting the police department to follow through on any kind of an incident."

Other citizens took the opportunity to express their support for the new Harlingen city manager.

Regardless of the public's views, Wednesday night TMs meeting was to consider and take action on the City's managers appointment of interim an police chief , in this case Harlingen police captain Michael Kester.

While the motion passed to appoint Kester, Commissioner Kori Mora expressed her disapproval.

Mora told the commission "I do not agree with this decision".

However some citizens walked away with approval.

"Harlingen will be safe I certainly think the advent of a new chief is going to bode better for the solving of serious crime in Harlingen, the figures will speak for themselves so a new chief is going to be welcomed here in Harlingen", said Harlingen resident Ron Lozano.

But others like Rev. Richard Duhamel still have lingering questions.

"It's very upsetting because we have a good chief right now why get rid of him, there has to be a reason that they're not saying", said Duhamel.

Meanwhile current Police Captain Michael Kester will take over mid -February as interim Harlingen police chief.