Memorable quotes from PSJA bribery sentencing

PSJA School Board File Photo

Action 4 News has posted a collection of memorable quotes from the PSJA Independent School District bribery sentencing hearing.

They quotes are separated by defendants in the order they were sentenced.

Sentences, fines and probation terms for each defendant are also included.

Rogelio "Roy" Rodriguez (aka Little Roy)Former PSJA School Board Member3 years, 1 month in federal prison3 years probation

Defense Attorney Michael J. Garza: "The offense has burdened his family. He's been on bond for the past four years. He can't find work. He had to take a minimum wage job. It's strained his relationship with his family."

Defense Attorney Michael J. Garza: "Roy has accepted responsibility for what he has done. If those four years, he's had a chance to see the devastation it's caused."

Defense Attorney Michael J. Garza: "It's also given him a chance to simplify his life and improved his health and family but being on bond, probation and urine testing, he's been unable to plan his future."

Defense Attorney Michael J. Garza: "You have a remorseful man here."

Prosecutor Larry Eastepp: The most important institution above all other institutions is to educate our children."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "When I tell you your sentence, some people will think it's too heavy and some people will think it's too light."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "Not everything you did on the school board was a violation of the law."

Raul "Roy" Navarro (aka Big Roy)Former PSJA Board Member2 years federal prison2 years probation

Raul Navarro: "I want to apologize to my family. They have suffered a lot."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "Your client was a school board member who had a fiduciary responsibility to the children of the school district."

Arturo GuajardoFormer Superintendent3 years probation$5,000 dollar fine

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "A superintendent is a supposed to a be a role model. The board follows the recommendations of the superintendent."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "He should've been a whistleblower."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "Some deals they reopened because the bribing contractor hadn't gotten his bid in on time."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "He has stood up to a lot of people on a lot of issues but not on this one."

Defense Attorney Reynaldo Garza III: "This man does not need to go to prison. He qualifies for probation."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "I suspect this is the last time you have to appear before the court for a violation of the law."

Arturo Guajardo: "This is a sad day for me. I'm going to fix things back home."

George Alonzo HernandezFormer Donna ISD Board Member/Contractor5 months prison + 5 months house arrest3 years probation$3,000 dollar fine

No memorable quotes

Arnulfo "Arnie" Cuahtemoc OlivarezInsurance Agent4 years probation$25,000 dollar fine

Arnie Olivarez: "I want to apologize to my family, especially my daughters and to everyone I've done business with."

Arnie Olivarez: "It's a common practice but it's wrong."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "By doing that, you're insulting every elected official and every business person who does it the right way, which I believe is the majority. They get hurt every time someone like you does what you did."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "This is not a victimless crime."

Arnie Olivarez: "I hurt my family, lost my business, had to let go of of good friends. I'm trying to keep my insurance license. I had a major heart attack and I'll have to take medication the rest of my life. I've been under house arrest the last three and a half years."

Arnie Olivarez: "I want to apologize to the court and to everyone for all the things I did wrong."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "I wouldn't be surprised if he deducted it on the federal income tax for his business making us all sponsors for this trip."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "I dont' know how much profit your client made, I gathered it was a lot more than $10,000 dollars."

Olivarez claimed his contract was worth $180,000 dollars per year for three years.

He said he got half, or about $90,000 dollars per year for three years, but had to use part of it to pay his own staff.

Olivarez claimed he told Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio and the former Hidalgo County Sheriff about bribery allegations. He said that went nowhere.

Olivarez said before he starting making "contributions" and "sponsorships" that the PSJA school illegally cancelled one of his previous contracts.

Judge Hinojosa said he should have gone to authorities and not "played along."

Defense Attorney Heriberto "Eddie" Medrano: "He has been traumatized. This has been a three and a half year ordeal. He's been waiting for this day."

Evangelina "Vangie" De LeonFormer PSJA School Board Member4 years probation

Vangie De Leon: "I would like to apologize to this court, the community and the children of PSJA."

Vangie De Leon: "I can't say enough to apologize to the kids."

Vangie De Leon: "I hope my actions don't affect other Hispanic women from running for office."

Vangie De Leon: "My children are teenagers. They grew up a lot faster than they should've had to."

Vangie De Leon: "It doesn't matter whether it was $5 dollars."

Prosecutor Larry Eastepp: "It's the American story. She's the last of 10 children. Her father died shortly after she was born. Her dreams of being a public servant were real. Her idealism was real. She has two children present. She's done as much as she can to make amends."

Vangie De Leon: "I've lost my dream of serving. My marriage is shattered."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "Do better to spexplaing to other public office holders."

Judge Ricardo Hinojosa: "Many times those who are the unsung heroes are those who support public officials and keep them honest."

Vangie De Leon: "We don't need to be an elected official to make a difference. In time, I will come back out and make a difference and encourage other young people and especially women to come back out and run. Things don't need to turn this bad to discourage people from running. I don't need to be an elected official to make a difference."