More lawsuits for dismissal possible in Limas corruption scandal

Ed Stapleton said his client is the victim of injustice.

Stapleton represents Peter Zavaletta, the man accused of smearing the reputation of unsuspecting people in a political campaign ad that ran back in 2008.

"In the confession, our case is specifically admitted to as a case in which there has been bribery" said Ed Stapleton.

He is referencing the case Abel Limas presided over.

Limas, the former 404th state district judge recently pleaded guilty to taking bribes in exchange for judicial favors.

Zavaletta's lawyer says the case should be thrown out because of Limas' involvement.

Federal records show that Jim Solis paid $8,000 to Limas for favorable rulings in the case.

According to the lawsuit, the political ads in question incorrectly and falsely named several former area residents as child molesters and sex offenders.

While Limas was only the judge in the case for a short time, Stapleton says if there is wrong doing by any party, the law supports dismissing the case.

Stapleton and Zavaletta are asking for $50,000 for court costs and fees.

No court date has been determined just yet, but Stapleton believes there will be one as early as next week.

Stapleton said he feels more cases will come asking for dismissals.

He plans on filing more lawsuits if it's proven that Limas played a part in the outcome.