National Guard Troops to withdraw from U.S " Mexico Border

They were called in to help beef up security along the border, now in just a few short months the National Guard's presence will be a thing of the past. Since last summer National Guard troops have been manning the U.S./Mexico Border serving as extra eyes and ears for law enforcement.

The troops are currently stationed in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

Come late June those troops will be ordered to pull out.

Congressman Henry Cuellar tells Action 4 News, "We put enough money there for only one year of the national guard and to keep them here we have to pay for them we can not put this on a credit card we have to pay for it", said Cuellar.

Although the funding is almost up Congressman Cuellar says he feels Congress needs to grant an extension.

"We have to sit down in a bi-partisan way to come up with the money so we can at least keep them here for one more year", said Cuellar.

Meanwhile the Congressman tells Action 4 News federal money has already been approved to hire more Border Patrol agents and Customs officials, but it's not going to happen overnight.

"My understanding is that they are supposed to hire 1,000 Border Patrol agents and 250 Customs officials by this year, but you know we still have a transitional period", said Cuellar.

So before the extra agents are hired on and ready to work, Cuellar says at least for the time being the troops should stay in place.