Perry for president? Valley residents react to the news

It is a move that could potentially send another Texas governor to the White House.

"Strong leadership at the helm is critical, Former Hidalgo County Republican Party Chairman Hollis Rutledge said. Certainly Governor Perry should and must be given some of that credit."

Despite the Rio Grande Valley having some of the highest unemployment numbers in the state, Rutledge said Perry has managed to keep Texas on top when it comes to job creation.

"Texas is number one. Texas is number one in jobs, number one in business climate, number one in being able to improve the national economy by being able to create those jobs," Rutledge said.

He said with the state of the economy across the nation people are looking for someone who can be a good leader---someone who can take charge and pull them out of this economic crisis.

Something, Rutledge said, Perry can do.

"The record speaks for itself and yes there are other issues to consider, Rutledge said. But at the end of the day the people want to know that they have a strong leader to depend on--who can create an economic climate so they can feed their families."

San Juan resident Martin Garcia said if Perry can change what is currently happening in the

Republican or democrat---they are all the same, Garcia said. What we want is a change. We want a good change for all citizens.