Perry: Our border is not secure

Governor Rick Perry was in the Rio Grande Valley where he toured state and federal facilities hit hardest by the spike in immigrants crossing the border illegally.

Perry held a press conference at the Department Public Safety (DPS) headquarters in Weslaco where he announced the Texas-Mexico border is not secure.

Perry saw first-hand, the flood of Central American immigrants who have surrendered to law enforcement as they escape poverty and violence in their home countries.

Texas is going to do its part, but we cannot do this alone. This isn TMt a Democrat problem. This isn TMt a Republican problem, this is an American problem, Perry said.

As the US Border Patrol is releasing hundreds of immigrants which have been detained, the State of Texas faces a humanitarian crisis.

The surge of Central American women and children crossing the border through the Rio Grande Valley shows no sign of slowing down..

It is estimated 11,000 immigrants turn themselves into federal authorities every day, and about one in five are children who have traveled alone.

They want to be in their custody. They want to be detained. They want to be processed, so they can get a notice to appear, so they can move freely throughout our country, Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia explained in a meeting with federal, state and county leaders.

According to the Governor TMs office, there are more boots on the ground and a Ranger Recon team is combating criminal elements.

Over the past decade, Texas has consistently stepped in by committing state resources to securing the border, the office said.