Pharr pastor starts nation's first 'Hispanic Tea Party'

Pharr-based pastor Armando Vera is the president of the first-ever 'Hispanic Tea Party' in the United States.

Vera told Action 4 News that the group formed in back in June.

The Iglesia Poder del Dios pastor said there is need for a Hispanic version of this political group given that 85% of the population of the Rio Grande Valley is of Mexican-American descent.

Vera said Hispanics are naturally conservative and he intends to reach out and inform them about the harm he said liberal policies have on our nation.

"The first goal of our group is to return to basics," Vera said. "And in this nation and God is the base. Another topic we want to focus on is family values.

Vera, who was born in Mexico but became a naturalized citizen of the United States, feels that some Republicans are too politically-motivated when it comes to voting.

"Every Republican has principles, but when it comes to politics, in more than one occasion these principles and values seem to be lost," Vera said. "For example, a congressman in New York voted for gay marriage, and that is wrong in my eyes."

Vera's group had their first meeting this past June with 25 participants in attendance.

The Pharr pastor hopes the organization will bring to the public forum a Christian view he deems is largely missing from the political posturing of both major political parties.

Anyone interested in joining the group is asked to contact Pastor Vera at (956) 971-0163 or by email at or their website at