Poll finds Latinos disapprove of Obama TMs deportation policy

A recent poll determined that Latinos are unhappy with President Barrack Obama TMs deportation policy, but surprisingly that isn TMt deterring them from voting for him for another term as president.

Those we spoke to gave President Obama a mixed review.

According to a survey by the Pew Hispanic Center, deportations have reached record levels under President Obama, rising to an annual average of nearly 400 thousand since 2009.

That's 30 percent higher than the annual average during the Bush administration's second term.

"That's not good. Obama was supposed to do something to help, but instead of helping he's doing the opposite," said Berta Alicia.

According to the survey, of the Latinos that are aware that the Obama administration stepped up deportations of unauthorized immigrants, 77 percent disapprove of the way his administration is handling the issue, but not everyone believes President Obama is to blame.

He's not the one doing this. It's his administration, said Sandra Velasquez. I think he wants to help the immigrants."

Velasquez is from Veracruz, and she said the immigrants she knows that have crossed over illegally come to the United States to work, and they wouldn't hurt anyone.

"I think the work we do, for the amount we get paid, those living here legally wouldn't do," said Velasquez.

Although some we spoke to were turned off by deportation levels, the survey finds although most Latinos disapprove of the deportation policy under Obama's administration, they still prefer Obama over any of the GOP candidates.Click here to see the survey.