Popular fishing park closed amid federal government shutdown

The federal government shutdown came at a bad time for Rio Grande Valley fishermen.

Political deadlock in Washington DC shut down national parks and other services.

But it also shut down Adoph Thomae, Jr. County Park in Arroyo City.

Cameron County Parks Director Javier Mendez told Action 4 News that Adolph Thomae Park is on federal land.

Mendez said the park closed at midnight on Monday amid the federal government shutdown.

The park is a popular destination for saltwater fishermen looking to catch redfish, which spawn between mid-August and mid-October.

It's also the tail end of spawning season for speckled trout, another popular saltwater fish.

According to Cameron County Parks, Adolph Thomae Park was last shut down in the 1995-1996 federal government shutdown, which lasted 28 days.