Proposition 5: Pro-Choice Versus Pro-Life

There's a controversial proposition on the ballot this year involving abortion, and it's getting a lot of talk on the streets.

"It should be my decision if I can keep the baby and if I want the baby," said Lisa Cho, who is pro-choice.

Cho is a 20-year-old student. She said she doesn't want a bill passed that might pressure her to keep a baby if she's ever in that situation.

"I wouldn't be able to be taking care of the child and go to school at the same time," said Cho.

Some state lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would require a sonogram to be shown to all mothers considering an elective abortion.

Voters will decide on that proposition in the March primary.

"I would applaud any legislature that is behind this bill," said Esther Campos, Masters Clinic office manager.

Campos said she's pro-life and thinks a sonogram would save many lives.

"If you were pregnant and were to see that, wouldn't it change your mind?" said Campos. "Wouldn't it have an affect on you?"

Action 4 News visited McAllen Pregnancy Center, a non-profit center that performs sonograms on pregnant women and explains the options to women considering abortion.

Coordinator Yolanda Chapa said that in a recent case, a sonogram is all it took to change a mother's mind.

"She was able to see that not only was her baby thrashing and kicking and trying to save his life, but also see that it was a viable child," said Chapa.

But a McAllen woman who requested her identity be concealed said she doesn't think sonograms will discouraged all women considering an abortion.

"I think women by the time they seek that option it's because they already have their minds made up," she said. "I don't know if a sonogram of a fetus would make that much of a difference."

She said she doesn't think there should be a law trying to influence such a personal choice.

"I don't think that's something that they should be pushing on anybody," she said.