Push to ban texting while driving across Texas

Texting while driving is banned in over two dozen states, but not in Texas.

Local State Representative Eddie Lucio III of District 38 is hoping to change that.

Representative Lucio filed HB 287, a bill prohibiting the reading or sending of cell phone text messages while driving.

"This is just an effort to try and make our roadways safer. I can't see why someone would oppose it", said Lucio.

Lucio told Action 4 News the texting and driving ban was brought up last legislative session, however the measure wasn't pushed through.

Lucio says this time around it's a little different.

"We've just received more and more data since last session that you are 23 times more likely to get into an accident while using your cell phone while driving especially texting", said Lucio. "Since then even industry has pointed out that there's a problem".

AT&T has a number of advertisements highlighting the dangers of texting and driving.

All part of the companies "Let It Wait Campaign".

A case that made national attention was that of a former San Antonio city bus driver Adrian Perez.

Perez was caught on camera sending text messages all while driving a city bus during heavy afternoon traffic.

On Tuesday, Perez was sentenced for reckless driving and ordered to serve 30 days in jail.

State Representative Lucio hopes this time around lawmakers will approve the measure to ban texting and driving.

"There's going to be several people filing this bill", "I'd love to be the vehicle to carry it forward but the most important thing is that it passes", said Lucio.