Red Light Camera Countdown in Harlingen

The clock is ticking on the City of Harlingen TMs red light cameras. Come midnight Friday those red light cameras will be a thing of the past.

Red light cameras have captured drivers heading the wrong way, speeding through the light, and the intersections were even the scene of accidents. But these controversial cameras parked at almost two dozen intersections in the city are coming down.

Captain Ramon Vela with the Harlingen police department says, Our work does not finish when the cameras are pulled off.

Vela says you can still get a red light ticket up until midnight Friday, and if you were caught red handed and still haven TMt paid your ticket your still on the hook.

City Commissioner TMs voted to pull the plug on the cameras last month. While the cameras will soon be a thing of the past, police say it TMs not a free pass for you not to obey the law.

The red light company won TMt start removing the actual cameras until next month.