Rene Oliveira Seeking Re-Election

He served as State Representative for over 20 years and announced that he will seek a 14th term.

Rene Oliveira said there are still many issues, in the state of Texas, that need to be addressed.

One of those, a national issue that affects thousands locally--- Health Care reform.

It TMs real clear|the message of Health Care isn TMt just the right thing to do it TMs a fundamental right, said Oliveria. People should have access to quality Health Care. They don TMt in Texas.

Oliveira said Texas has the highest level of uninsured people in the country|.and that, he said, is unacceptable.

We TMll see what Washington does and we TMll have to come in and fill those gaps, said Oliveira .

Another issue at the top of Oliveira TMs agenda"education.

The ones that come in as freshman|.we lose half of those|they don TMt graduate.

He said Texas needs to work together and find a way to keep kids in school.

He said education is the driving force in boosting our nation TMs economy

Public education is going to need some work|targeted work especially dealing with dropout rates, said Oliveira .

Education and Health Care are not the only issues getting the Valley another Congressman is at the top of Oliveira TMs list.

"Texas, because of its growth, is expected to get one to two more Congressmen, said Oliveira . I would like to see another Valley based Congressman in the Valley. I think we're entitled to it based on the growth."