Resignation deal keeps indicted valley politician out of jail

A county commissioner has resigned and has escaped jail time after being arrested on an eight count indictment.

Cameron County commission precinct two Ernie Hernandez is resigning from office just months after being arrested for abusing his post.

Now, nearly three months later, we are learning seven of the eight charges have been dropped.

Commissioner Hernandez will not go to jail, but as part of the deal he immediately resigned

He struck a deal with the District attorney TMs office for a pre-trial diversion.

This deal means Hernandez only has to report for one year to a probation officer, and if he completes that the charge will go off his record. Hernandez faced eight counts, and he admitted to count eight which was coercion of a public official.

Hernandez's attorney John Blaylock tell us Hernandez made the decision after consulting with his family.

Ernie Hernandez held the Cameron County Commissioner Pct. 2 seat for three years until he ran for reelection and was defeated during the democratic party primaries last month.

Again, as part of the deal, Hernandez avoids jail time but has resigned from his post as Cameron County Commissioner effective today.