Retama Manor taking stance against Medicaid cuts

Costs are increasing at nursing homes across the state and at Harlingen's Retama Manor, the price of raw foods, even linens has gone up significantly since December, which has been a burden on administrators like Jeff Tait who had to make do after 3% cuts to Medicaid.

With even more cuts looming in House Bill One, he is encouraging the public to put the pen to the paper and take action before it's too late.

"We have to make choices to prevent the building the business to go under," said Tait.

He started a petition signing campaign against the cuts and is educating residents and their families about it, even discussing the petition with other nursing homes in town.

"It sounds like they're picking on the little guy, even though our seniors are very important to us. It doesn't seem like everybody has that same view. We want to let everyone know we care about our seniors our moms and dads," said Tait.

Residents of Retama Manor are jumping on board even wearing t-shirts that say don't cut my benefits.

Here's the real kicker, Retama Manor may stay afloat after the cuts thanks to Medicare, but they are petitioning for the other guys who may not be as lucky.

"Even if it didn't affect us, what about all the seniors it will affect?"

Shirley Futterman is a resident fighting for everyone else and said, It TMs going to hit a lot of people.

Oscar Herrera has volunteered some of his time at the petition table as well.

"I wish they wouldn't do it, but that's why we're getting this petition signed so I hope it helps, said Herrera.

Tait says if you don't understand the severity of the proposed cuts, consider the residents who would virtually be homeless if their facility was shut down because of bankruptcy.

Luckily Herrera says his family would take him in, but why should they have to when he's happy exactly where he is getting around the clock care.

"I've been here 7 years, and this is my home and I want to stay here," said Herrera.

State leaders are considering a 33% cut to Medicaid.

If it passes the House Friday, it moves to the Senate.

Retama Manor encourages everyone to sign their petition at facilities valley wide and spread the word.

Also on April 14th, you can stop by the Harlingen facility for a sort of rally against Medicaid cuts.