Run off elections ran smoothly for Cameron County

According to Election Administrator Roger Ortiz, election night went very smoothly in Cameron County.

He said all votes for both the Democratic and Republican parties were tabulated and reported by 11 p.m. Wednesday night.

He added that total voter turnout didn't disappoint.

Over 10,600 people cast their ballot in early voting, which is three times the amount in the 2008 runoff.

On election day itself, results had surpassed the 16,000 mark.

Many were curious as to why a state inspector was stationed at the central counting location.

"I had called and requested an inspector even before the early voting started, said Ortiz. One of the reasons, is yes, we had some heated races and I wanted to make sure the state was around."

Ortiz says he is not sure if another inspector will be present during the general election, but he does expect another strong turnout then.

The final candidates will now face off in the general election scheduled for November 6.